Monday, February 28, 2011

Here, kitty, kitty

Today the Belgians and I went to visit my mom and aunt and the kittens who moved into their kitchen in January. Mom had said they were not bringing cats in the house. Karene had said they were not bringing cats in the house.

Now they have cats in the house. The kittens were from a late fall litter and around here, that never means a very good outlook for survival. Mom and Karene felt sorry for them and now they're living in the kitchen.

The calico is named Brindle. The black is named Little Black. I think there's a Big Black somewhere in the collection of Mom's outside farm cats. Probably a relative. You know how these things go.

Seriously, could you leave this outside in an Iowa winter? 

Yeah, they couldn't either. 

I don't know how they get anything done 
except playing with kittens all day.

Brindle and Little Black are just like puppies, 
Only they don't shred their toys.

I could SO have taken Little Black home with me. This kitten was a total nut case. He was obsessed with the dogs' water bowl and spent all morning putting various paws in it. Yes, while it was full. At one point he had all four legs in it and I think it was on purpose. He can already do four feet in a box and is apparently started on water work! He was completely mental and totally sweet.

The dogs spent some time in the house while the kittens were safely in a crate. Jamie pretty much ignored them. Phoenix was, well, let's just say it would take a lot more cat therapy before he could deal with two kittens bouncing around.

As it was, he sat and stared at the kittens and was quiet and did not lunge or click his teeth and got lots of treats. LOTS of treats. Like probably several meals. I was extremely pleased he could be that close to soft, furry, fast-moving, prey animals and not have a complete meltdown.

Maybe when he's 10 Phoenix can have his own cat. Maybe.


  1. That Brindle is seriously cute!

  2. ADORABLE!!! They needed something to keep them busy!! They GOT IT!! Does that little black cat retrieve too? He just might have a career as a dog!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!