Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring fever

It was 65 degrees yesterday afternoon, so the dogs and I went out to play with the flippy after work. Isn't all the dead brown grass lovely?

Note proximity of teeth to fingers. This is probably not safe.
But no camera person was harmed in the process.

The flippy makes a great fashion statement. Worn over the eyes, it increases the likelihood of doing something really stupid when you're running amuck. Note Jamie is wise enough to stay BEHIND and safely out of stupidity range.

If positioned correctly, the flippy-as-head-gear allows just enough vision to to be returned to the flippy thrower. Flippy fetcher is not responsible for crashes incurred in the return process. Again, Jamie shows who has the brains in this outfit.

For more dramatic effect, place flippy over eyes and run directly into the late afternoon sun. Don't worry, someone will yell before you run into them.

You can change up your fashion look by reversing the flippy.


  1. Totally made me smile! Thank you!

  2. LOL! What great shots! Thanks for the morning laugh. :)

  3. Wow how on earth do you have grass showing already???? Last I saw you had like 10 feet of snow in those drive to work pictures! I don't think we are ever going to see our ground again and we too had temps in the 6o's today but no brown grass to be seen and our DQ won't open for about another month! Love the photos too funny with that silly dog.

  4. Legend gets the frisbee over her face a lot too. And I get my fingers bit more than I would like.