Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Agility videos

Here are a couple of Nix's runs from the trials over the weekend. I was proud of the Skinny Little Dog. He nailed every weave entry in every class, including a couple where I did absolutely nothing to help him be successful.

He did a great job all three days, even on our NQ-ing runs. Watching all the videos from the weekend, most of our mistakes are the result of me being late with direction. I get hung up watching my beautiful dog run and forget I need to tell him what to do next, preferably before he's made up his own mind.

In the first video, check out the doberman and her handler moving across the lower left corner of the frame. The floor was slick w/snow from shoes and paws and Connie is doing a little indoor skiing with Kei.


  1. I'm always amazed by agility. How do ya'll remember where to go?? I have trouble with rally sometimes, and those are generally pretty much straight lines.

  2. Believe me, sometimes we have trouble too! Phoenix is great at making his own course if I am in doubt.

  3. nice runs what a beautiful jumpers run. yes the lady with the dobe along the side was funny.

  4. You two were awesome this week-end. Does he get a kitty now?
    Yep - Connie - (giggling)! And yes, it was slippery.