Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things to celebrate!

There's lots of stuff to celebrate! Here we go, not in any particular order:

• It's supposed to be nearly 60 degrees here today!

• The snow is melting, revealing lovely dead brown grass and a lot of mud!

• I love mud! (Well, not really but I'm soooooo tired of being frozen half to death.)

• The Dairy Queen in Coralville is open again!

• They have Mini Blizzards now!

Last weekend was exceptionally great for a lot of my dog friends.

• Renee and Blast finished their OTCh. with with 199 in Open B and also went High In Trial! They are a wonderful team who worked their butts off together to achieve this.

• SueAnn's Disco got his final major to finish his Ch.! His Handsom-ness is now focusing on a performance career.

• Jill and Kina got their final CDX leg! Kina and Phoenix took the same (dim) view of group exercises. On to Utility!

• Michele and Cider got back in the Open/Utility rings after about 10 months off for a torn ACL, surgery and a difficult rehab. Hurray for them! They're pursuing that final UDX leg.

What are you celebrating today?


  1. I'm celebrating the warm weather, the open windows, and real, tangible progress on Luce's go-outs!

    I am not, however, celebrating mud. And the mud-addicted Border Collie is not celebrating bathtime.