Monday, February 14, 2011

Dogs in coats

Ironically, I waited until we're having a good thaw and all the snow is melting to post pics of Phoenix's coats. They're both his. Jamie just agreed to model one.

You might question the need for big tough dogs to have coats. Jamie is such a furball he absolutely does not need a coat, although he seemed to enjoy wearing this one for the pictures. Phoenix is such a skinny little dog there are times when I think he needs a coat, especially if he has to stay in the van during extremely cold weather or crate in a very cold building.

They're both from I think I have a Clean Run addiction. There's probably a 12-step program for people like me but I don't think I want to sign up.

Phoenix is looking very alert in this pic because I was screaming in pain. Jamie had snuck up and crunched the cookie I was waving around to get Nix to look at the camera. Jamie was raised by Shelties. He is a firm believer in "eat first and ask questions later." This translates to "eat first and spit out fingers later." The coat is a very soft double layer fleece that velcro's closed with a belly band.

Here's Jamie wearing Nix's "heavy duty" winter coat. This is much heavier than the fleece one in the first picture. It's very much like a horse blanket. The buckle on the chest is purely ornamental. There use to be a strap of webbing that the purely ornamental buckle hooked into. Phoenix removed it. He does not think purely ornamental things are necessary.

I had a pic of the new water bowls, too, but managed to delete it somewhere between the camera and the computer. Go figure. The brand name is Kennel Gear, not Kennel Technologies. I stand corrected.

Okay, off to make a living and make a newspaper and eat chocolate. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. He looks so handsome! Tibby has the first coat too - only her coat is red. I love plaid!

  2. OMG - Vinnie and Phoenix can be matchers!! He has the same coat (top picture). I agree with Phoenix - ornamental things are not necessary (do you love it, do you need it, does it make you money???)

  3. Cute! Snow plus skinny dog= need for coat.

    It really bothers me when people show up at agility trails in CA and it is about 50 degrees outside and they have their rough coat border collies and Golden Retrievers in these types of coats. The dogs don't seem to mind so I shouldn't either, but it just seems silly.

    I have never seen Pie cold, but Fancy has a coat since I'm always shaving her. I really should buy her a nice big coat like one of these, instead of the flimsy fleece one she has.