Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mystery photo

Sorry, I know today's post was supposed to be a heeling fix-it but things have been entirely too serious here the last couple of days. So today you get a mystery photo.

Do you have any idea what these are?

Does this help?

Phoenix loves his Orbee balls but they have to be stripped first. This is the second Woof ball he's stripped the letters from. He's very deliberate about it. The letters must come off! He also strips the Orbee globe balls. Once he gets rid of the "add-ons" he's perfectly happy and quits trying to tear them up.

I got a new training gear bag and last night I was cleaning out my old one and loading up the new one. THAT could be a post in itself. Long story short, I had five balls in my gear bag, including this practically brand new Orbee ball. Seriously, I don't know why anyone needs five balls at the same time but there you have it.

So I gave it to Phoenix to add to his collection of "house balls" and he immediately began plucking the letters off.

He's such a purist.

Or maybe he's just simple. . . um . . . uncomplicated.


  1. My SWIMMING GOGGLES!!! Thank you for finding them!!! LOL

  2. I almost got Lola that ball then I read reviews about dogs taking the letters off. I got her the Orbee Cosmos ball and she loves it.

  3. That one made me giggle!! Glad to hear you got the bag - do you love it??? Now we just need our CR stuff!!

  4. Mine have to take the continents off the globe-looking Orbee balls. Whatever keeps them happy, I suppose.