Saturday, February 12, 2011

Odds and ends

First update: Jamie is doing great. I've been able to lower his prednisone again. Now he takes 25 mg every other day. Beats the heck out of the 25 mg twice day he started at. If all goes well, the next reduction will be in the dosage, dropping to 20 mg every other day. He feels good, is bouncy, pushy and slowly growing out of his insane poodle/modified PWD clip.

More good news - I've found a limited ingredient food for him at a much friendlier price. Natural Balance makes a sweet potato and venison formula that is "only" $50 for 28 pounds. Compare that with his current Science Diet potato and venison formula at $80 for 27 pounds. The Big Red Dog isn't exactly a light eater so fingers crossed for a successful and uneventful food switch.

Second update: It's official - I'm old. Got my first pair of bifocals today. There's a bit of a learning curve. To see distant things, I look out the top of the lens. To see close up things, I look out the bottom of the lens. I haven't figured out what to do with the no-man's land in the middle yet but I'm happy to report I managed to cook, serve and eat supper and clean up the kitchen tonight, involving boiling water, a mixer and sharp knives and I'm still in one piece.

Third update: New product review - got some new water bowls for the dogs' crates in the vans. They're made by Kennel Technologies (got them from and they're great because they DON'T RATTLE like metal buckets.

I'm a little OCD when it comes to rattles in the van. They make me crazy. These are hard plastic bowls that attach to holders that screw onto the wires of the crate. They are malinois tested and approved. Phoenix had to nibble on his a little, just to make it his own.

I will post a picture when I get ambitious enough to take one.


  1. GREAT NEWS!! On Jamie that is...NOT your bi-focals! G Not rattling buckets! UGH!! I hate that too! Bill never hears them, or it just doesn't bother him! UGH!

  2. If those are the bowls I think you mean, they also make them to screw to the support poles on soft sides. I really like them.
    Great news about Jamie. That prednisone will drive dogs and their owners crazy!

  3. Im glad Jamie is doing well! I hate getting old. Esp the part where I cant read stuff that I use to be able to see without a problem. I dont need glasses all the time so its kind of a pain to try and located glasses just to read one little line.
    Ill have to look into the water bowls. I hate rattles too. I have bungie cords to keep the handles from rattling.

  4. I am glad Jamie is doing well. :)

    I wish I had suggested the Natural Balance when you were first talking about limited ingredients, but I figured you knew about it. That is what I used to feed my dogs before I switched to raw. I used the fish and sweet potato because my Tibetan is so allergic to other stuff. As you mentioned though, it is still expensive. The price keeps going up! If you have a Petco near you, they have a buy 10 get one free program if you use their buyer's card. And if you visit the Natural Balance people at shows, they have coupons for $2 off per bag. They gave me a handful. I was actually able to use the coupons and still have each bag count towards my free one. Hope one of those suggestions is helpful to you. I think Natural Balance is the cheapest limited ingredient food, and it is for sure the most limited. 2 ingredients only. Can't beat that.

  5. I'm headed to bifocal-land soon. Don't need them quite yet, but can read easier with my distance glasses off than on. Getting old sucks, except that it means closer to retirement and more time for dog stuff! Glad to hear Jamie is doing well.