Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beer bread

I  love trying new recipes. Our circulation manager brought beer bread to an office snack day recently. It was awesome. 

What's even more awesome is that it only has three ingredients.

Yep. Self-rising flour, beer and sugar. If you're inclined to drink one of the ingredients, you'll need more than one can of beer. 

Dump everything into a 
mixing bowl and stir it up. 
It looks seriously weird.

Then plop it in a greased loaf pan. None of this waiting around for it to rise and then having to smack it around and let it rise again. Nosiree. Just slap it in the plan and stick it in a 350 degree oven for an hour. I baked mine 1:05 cuz I didn't think the top had gotten brown enough. And next time I'll bake it in a smaller loaf pan so it rises more and has a little better shape.

And this is what you get. Not sure if that crack is supposed to be there or not. I know quick breads traditionally have a crack in the top and believe me, this is VERY quick bread.

After it cools a little, rub some butter all over it or else the crust is very, um, crusty. Like in, really hard. But if you give it a butter massage, well, you can imagine what YOU would feel like if someone gave you a butter massage.

Make no mistake, this is not light and fluffy bread. This is heavy duty he-man bread. The Farmer liked it. He even said so. Usually, if he likes something, he doesn't say so, he just eats 10 servings of it. But this time he SAID he liked it. And ate 10 servings.

3 C. self-rising flour
1 can warm beer (don't think it matters what kind)
4 T. sugar
dash of salt

Mix all together and pour into greased loaf pan. Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour or until nicely browned. 

Turn out of pan and cool slightly. Rub with a stick of butter while still warm.


  1. That looks awesome!!! I may have to try that one. Can you still buy 6 packs - 1 for the bread, 5 for me!!!!!

  2. Oh dear... Rilda might need a little help with her recipe - she'll probably be a little tipsy before she even gets started!!

  3. Very good recipe. Like your husband, mine never tells me he likes anything I cook but sometimes has multiple helpings. When he tried the bread he said "this is different". I thought he must not like it but he kept coming back for more. I really need to teach him how to give a compliment.