Friday, March 25, 2011

R2 re-do

Okay, seriously, I've only had R2 for two weeks and I've already rearranged things. Granted, it's pretty hard to do much differently with the size of crates I've got in there, but after last weekend's agility trial, I knew I had some wasted space.

The long 2x4s under Jamie's crate did a fine job of holding it up but also blocked off the empty space underneath. Dog folks know that any available space in a vehicle is good for having something stuffed into it. Wasted space is sacrilege.

It was time to recruit the Farmer to find more lumber. I wanted a sheet of plywood to put under the crates, so they could be blocked up, making the gap under Jamie's crate available for storage. Yeah, I could have gone to the lumber store and got it but I figured the Farmer had a sheet of relatively clean plywood someone around here. We have an entire building full of lumber from tiny little scraps to beams from the barn we lost in '98.

He went to the lumber store and bought it. Go figure. It's very clean. I'm not complaining. Here's the result.

There's room to slide a tent crate underneath. I can also slide my peg-board topper for the tent crate in there, too. I'm getting better at this less-is-more, downsizing, don't-take-the-kitchen-sink approach. The true test will be packing for mal nationals in less than a month.


  1. Okay I'm curious - peg-board topper for tent crate??

  2. Just a piece of peg-board that sits on top so I can pile heavy stuff on it w/o making the top of the tent crate sag and stretch. Yeah, I know, one MORE thing to haul around. ( :

  3. Looks like you're really getting organized! I have a question though about stability of crates in a van. I haven't found a good way to tie my crates down. I've always wondered if - heaven forbid - I should be in a crash, what would happen with the crates. How do you secure yours?

    Oh, I have another question for you. I saw a lot of really pretty/colorful braided martingale collar/leashes at the agility trial last weekend and was wondering where these could be purchased.


  4. To be honest, my crates are stuck in there so tight they can't move. I never had a problem in my previous vehicles where the crates were more "free-standing," but fortunately never had to test it in an accident, either.

    I've seen people use bungee cords that attach to eye-bolts screwed into a plywood base or to cargo hooks on the floor or sides of the vehicle. Those metal gizmos that attach crates together are nice, too, they provide additional stability.

    Ha-ha, as leash runner you must have seen every kind of leash possible last weekend. ( : Check out or They both have a lot of cool leashes.

  5. Are you kidding? You asked for a piece of wood, thereby giving your husband permission to go to the hardware store !!! Mine would have been out the door before I finished saying the word platform.

    I've seen camping tables that fit over the top of mesh crates but keep talking myself out of buying them. I have pegboard - what a great idea.

  6. I'm enjoying your tales of outfitting your new vehicle. My sister-in-law says I can git more stuff in a vehicle than anyone else she knows, so I'm always open to more ideas :-).

    I just added a brick under each corner of my shorter platform so that I can fit both of my FCR-sized soft crates underneath. My mini van is SERiously jammed with obedience gear etc. for the 12-day trip I just started Thursday (teaching 2 back-to-back weekend seminars). Arrived in SC yesterday, went to pull out my jumps to set up my Utility ring... and I left the one folding jump I found in my garage at home :-(. Jury-rigged an approximation with 3 stick in the ground posts and 2 bj boards on their sides. Neither dog recognized them as jumps at first. But they helped with the go-out picture.

  7. I have been in a crash with my dogs and as tight as things were wedged in my van the crates DID move. after that I did have they secured but a few more reworkings in my van they are once again NOT secure. it is on my list if "spring chores" as well as making sure if I needed to evacuate I could in 30 min or less, currently I could NOT.