Friday, March 4, 2011

Furlough finished

My week off is over. Sigh. What a beautiful thing it was. Except for not getting paid, furloughs rock. 

I thought I'd have tons of time but I was busy every stinkin' minute. Caught up on lots of household chores (including replacing the telephone cord Phoenix ripped out of the wall while chasing a ball — long story — did I mention it was behind the headboard of our bed?), had some great training sessions, spent a day with my mom, tried some new recipes and went car shopping (stay tuned for more details).

Today, I capped off this lovely week with a three hour nap. Yes. A nap. I'm usually not a nap person. I talk about it a lot but I never do it. A nap is one of those elusive things that always seems to be just out of reach. But today it was cold, windy, raining and I was definitely a quart low after not sleeping well the previous night (no idea why, since I can usually sleep anywhere, anytime.) So after lunch I crashed and woke up three hours later. It was awesome. The dogs crashed with me. They thought the whole nap thing was an excellent idea.

This weekend, I'd originally planned to go to an agility trial at either St. Louis or near Chicago but when it came down to crunch time on making entries and committing to travel plans and motels with a friend, Jamie was still really sick and I wasn't sure where things were headed with him, so decided it might be wiser to stay home instead.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Nancy Reyes attention seminar at 4RK9s. Can't beat a day spent with dog friends and that club always serves the BEST food!

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  1. Wow it wasn't even my furlough and I can't believe that a whole week as gone by already. Don't you just love clubs that server good food? Have fun. P.S. We are glad to hear Jamie is doing so well