Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy freaking Groundhog Day

Nothing says happy Groundhog Day like a foot of new snow and 30 mph winds. Our blizzard is winding down after dumping anywhere from 10 to 18" of snow across eastern Iowa. We haven't had a big ol' winter storm like this for a long time. I stayed home from work as the county plow hasn't been by and the roads to the highway are drifted shut.

The "official" groundhog in Pennsylvania apparently did not see his shadow this morning, so according to folk lore, that means an early spring. I'm all for that!

I think there is an official Iowa groundhog, too, but I'm guessing he didn't see his shadow either. In fact, I doubt he even got out of his burrow unless someone shoveled him out.

I did the shoveling thing for a while earlier this morning, then reminded myself that I have a heart condition and asthma and was I crazy or just stupid? So I quit. I'll go at it again this afternoon. Maybe. At least we can get in and out of the back door and basement door without plowing through drifts. Poor dogs - they sort of fell right out the back door into a drift. It was nasty.

Right now, I'm baking chocolate chip cookies. Mmm . . . . hot cookies and cold milk in a warm kitchen. Perfect.

The Farmer had a rough morning. With the roads drifted shut between our place and our other farm, he tried opening them with the snow blower behind the tractor. That worked great until he sheared off a pin in the snowblower. So he replaced it, which worked great until that one sheared off, too. Finally, he gave up clearing the road and went through the fields, which he said he wished he'd done in the first place. Cattle have to eat, no matter the weather.

Will post some pics later if the Belgians and I venture very far from the fireplace today.


  1. Unfortunately, our friend Phil in Punxsutawny only has a 39% accuracy rate.

    I'm so ready for this winter to be over. We have icy horribleness outside right now.

  2. you should probably bring some of those cookies to class next week!!!

  3. Im glad you all are ok. I figured you were snowed under. Im all for spring coming even if if it does mean 100 degrees.

  4. You need a couple of Sammies. Coach played drift breaker for my daughter's Weim next door so he could get out to pee. We just called him back and forth and he busted a path right through a waist deep drift. He was having a ball. A little harder for poor old Jazz. His leg is so stiff, but he will not stop plowing through snow drifts. I think his right leg must feel like my back! Stay warm.

  5. I thought you might be at home today. I had drifts in front of both front and back doors. Driveway drifted, car buried and end of driveway about 4 ft. deep from the plows clearing my street. I couldn't do it this round either. Two neighbors took care of it for me. A co-worker did plan on clearing it but the neighbors beat him to it. What a mess! Ryelee is wondering why is path out in the back is so short(lol)! Glad you are safe and warm. Cookies????