Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun photos

Paula snapped this picture with her cell phone
while in the Cleveland (?) airport.

I'm not sure if it means:
A) This is the reason why Phoenix acts the way he does in the ring.
B) I should START giving Phoenix coffee before we go in the ring.
C) I should STOP giving Phoenix coffee before we go in the ring.
D) I should give the coffee to ME before we go in the ring.

The general consensus was that anything labeled "Phoenix Coffee" should probably come with a warning.

Here's a pic of Phoenix's nieces and nephews. His sister Cayenne had a litter about a month ago, 9 bouncing baby mals. As Catherine points out, one of the items in this group is not the same as the others. Here, kitty, kitty!

(Photo courtesy of Catherine Shields, Carousel Malinois)


  1. Poor Oscar thinks he is a puppy they have fun with each other!

  2. One of our obedience trainers once asked us if we fed our Mal espresso before class. I guess he must have been a bit hyper :)