Tuesday, October 26, 2010

$#@! deer

I hit a deer on the way home from work last night. This was my second deer-bashing incident, my fourth deer total and my first buck.

Ironically, it happened on the exact same stretch of highway where I hit "the herd" 8 years ago. That time I took out 3 deer, all does, all at once. That time, one hit the grill, one hit the driver's side door and one hit the driver's side sliding door.

I don't know if last night's single buck-bashing was better or worse. One minute I'm driving down the road, the next minute THUMP! All I saw were antlers and then he was gone. I didn't spend a lot of time on the side of the road looking for him. Since there wasn't steam billowing from the radiator and no fluid was gushing out of anywhere and the tire wasn't scraping the wheel well (which no longer had its original shape), I drove home, using a lot of creative language.

Actually, I only used one word. A lot. But very creatively. I used it as a noun, verb and adjective.

When I took C3PO to the body shop for an estimate this morning, I learned a new word.

That word is "spendy."

As in, "Oh, an Acadia. That's going to be spendy."

I used my original word some more.

Then he told me I was the fourth person to come in this morning with deer damage. And that was at 9 a.m. Welcome to Iowa County, home of deer with suicidal rage.

Does this look like $3,000 damage to you? Me neither but I guess most of the front end has to be replaced. And some internal stuff, too.

Although the headlights still work and I got assurances it was safe to drive. Whew, I was wondering if I'd be able to go to Omaha this weekend. Really, you have to have priorities.

Does anyone else see the irony of driving approximately 30,000 miles a year to classes, matches, trials and seminars, only to hit a deer coming home from work? My first deer strike happened on the way to work. Clearly, the problem here is work.

So now I'm waiting for my insurance agent to get back to me and I'm waiting for a sheriff's deputy to get back to me because you are supposed to report any deer accident damage over $500. Good grief, a deer could just LOOK at your car and cause $500.


  1. I always worry about hitting a deer. So many dead ones on the sides of the raods. Im glad you were ok, sorry about the car. Diana

  2. Sorry about that -

    I know the feeling of 'this' time of year -

    I did a Mal transport on Saturday up I81/I78 - nasty nasty nasty -
    Unfortunately for me, I did another transport on Sunday so I got to see it all over again -

    Sorry about the spendy -

    But as 'they' say, at least you are okay!

  3. Ahhhh--love the Acadia. It cost me $120 just to replace a headlight. I could do it myself on my trailblazer.

  4. I applaud your creative use of your original word!! Sorry to see that C3PO is going to need to need some cosmetic work!! Glad you're ok though - too bad you didn't get some venison out of the deal!!

  5. Well Crap! Glad you are ok. Would you be whistled off if you used them at a trial?

  6. I can't believe you hit three at once! Wow!

    I've only hit one deer, once. Layla was in the car with me and she wasn't very happy! I hit the deer and it flew up into the air and into the side of a moving truck.

    Here's the pictures of the damage:



    The insurance didn't want to pay for it because by the time the adjuster came, all the deer fur had gone away and they couldn't prove it was from a deer.

  7. Bummer. Jerry got rear-ended at low speed and there was something like $6000 damage done to his car. Took 4 weeks to fix too. Good luck.

  8. I think I might have been out looking for that deer. Heck his carcass could have at least fed the dogs for a while to make up for the deductible you now have to pay! I hope you still get to make your trip.

  9. Oh that is the worst. Poor you, poor deer, poor car. What an awful feeling. There is a patch of road near us where there is always at least one deer a year hit. They must have deer crossing signs. Too bad they don't take note of the danger and cross someplace else. One time I was driving in PA and suddenly a herd was running next to us and before we could slow down the entire herd turned left right in front of the car. We clipped one and when we went to the nearest house to use the phone the owner told us that deer are always getting hit on that piece or roadway.

    Mango Momma

  10. Ask the body shop if you can upgrade to the "deer hunter edition". It comes with twin 50 cal machine guns behind the headlights. aka The James Bond Edition. Just what you need for pesky dear or that Dumb a-- driver in front of you. Remind me to follow you from now on.