Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Living green

Since we've actually gone three whole days without rain, the Farmer has been able to mow hay again. I took the dogs for a walk yesterday evening while he was mowing the bottom field. Not sure why it's called the bottom field. It just is.

Say what you will about living in the country. No high speed internet. No cable TV. Sometimes we're doing good to have electricity! Living on a gravel road means my van is never clean and sometimes it can be impossible to get to the highway in the winter.

But nothing compares to walking in a hay field that's just been mowed. You can't get that wonderful smell anywhere else.

I love the sunlight on summer evenings. Winter and spring sunlight is all fine and good but it's not the same. Mid to late summer and autumn have the best evening sunlight, like liquid gold poured over long green shadows.

Wish I could bottle up evenings like this to open up in January and February.


  1. It's absolutely beautiful. I know a lot of people probably say it without realizing all the work it entails, but I would absolutely live on a farm.

    Send some rain this way please. Our grass (if it's still considered grass) is the color of Phoenix.

  2. If you bottle it, I will buy (but only in Jan/Feb!!!)

  3. Nothing like the quiet and peaceful evenings in the country. I do miss that.

  4. Nice pictures. I just love this type of farms. Its amazing.

  5. Beautiful pics and a lovely post. At least you have the pics to look at in January and February!