Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice!

I didn’t dance around any ritual fires to welcome the arrival of summer to the northern hemisphere this morning but it arrived nonetheless. Today is traditionally considered the “longest” day of the year. Well, yeah, all days are 24 hours long but the solstice usually brings the most sunlight hours.

It’s a little different this year, as Wednesday and Thursday of this week will actually have the most daylight hours, with 15 hours and 15 minutes between sunrise and sunset each day. (Info courtesy of KCRG TV9)

The only bummer about the arrival of the summer solstice is that it means the daylight hours will start to dwindle by the end of the week, only a minute at a time, but by September it will be getting dark early again and those long, golden summer twilights will be gone until next year.

So get out there and enjoy them now!

Which is easier said than done since we are under the threat of severe weather (again) with heavy rain (again) and high winds (again) for the next three days. We are now mowing our lawn every 72 hours or whenever the sun comes out, whichever comes first.

Lots of things to blog about this week, including another look at our "ohmygodthewheelsfelloff" agility weekend, why it was maybe a good thing and what I'm doing to reduce the odds of it happening again, plus prep for our return to the AKC Open ring this coming Sunday. Plus maybe a recap of the weirdest cardiologist appointment ever, which was this morning. (I would rather have been dancing around a bon fire, believe me, not nearly so many WTF moments).

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  1. There's this other acronym -- FTW -- I'll be eager to read what your plans for ensuring more "For The Win," whether it be with Phoenix or your cardiologist! I missed your column in F&F this month... My mother-in-law is a faithful reader and she HATES dog shows, but your column is her favorite in that magazine that she otherwise skips entirely!