Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ames video

Ames video has been located, thanks to ace videographer Jeff H. He says he's sorry he didn't tape our JWW run on Sunday, which gave us the QQ, said he was too busy praying to think about videoing. That's okay, we needed the prayers!

Here's our JWW run from Saturday. It was our woulda-coulda-shoulda run, clean until the very end when the last bars fall mysteriously. Was it a tail thump? A wind gust? Some nasty little agility gremlin who woke up on the wrong side of bed? Clearly I pulled up too soon as Nix took the final jump. Gotta keep running for the imaginary final jump!

Here's our Std. run from Sunday. Watch the body language when Nix gets on (and almost off) the table. I had hold of that invisible string and was pulling it hard! He finds the table an annoying waste of his time. I foresee many table cookies in his future.

Thanks, Jeff, for taping us. And for invoking the deity of your choice on our Sunday JWW run!


  1. Awesome videos! That standard course looked very tricky. Congrats on the QQ! The site looks beautiful, too. I like nice thick grass.

    I originally read this post on my phone so the lines are smushed closer together than if you read them on a computer screen. I saw the "s" in "gust" right above the words "agility gremlin" and I guess I was reading a little too quickly because I thought you said, "Some nasty little ass gremlin who woke up on the wrong side of bed?"

    It made me laugh lol.

    Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers for Layla!

  2. Nice Runs. Looks like a nice site for a trial.