Monday, June 28, 2010

The boys of summer

I was going to title this "Boys and their balls" but had second thoughts.

I got the dogs one of those squishable Jolly Balls. The thing is blueberry scented. It makes the back porch smell kinda weird but the dogs don't seem to care (believe me, this is NOT an indoor toy). I got it from and they didn't give me a choice of colors, which is really no big deal until I started trying to take pictures of dogs playing with a blue ball in a blue pool.

A new ball! A hot day! A full pool! This is awesome.

Okay, how do you get the d*mn thing out of the water?
My mouth's not big enough.
(I felt sorry for him and gave him a smaller ball to play with.)

Ooooh, ooooh, lemme try!

I will bite it like a snake. See, my jaws don't hinge.

Score! Got it!

Phoenix: Mine's bigger than yours.
Jamie: Dude, hasn't anyone ever told you, size doesn't matter?


  1. How fun is that!!! Time for a different colored POOL!!!! (':

  2. I am very impressed by the bite on that boy!! What jaws! Coach and Jazz would be jealous if I could get them to be interested in either water or balls. Oh well - only a crazy person wants a wet Samoyed!