Friday, April 3, 2009


Phoenix was awesome today! I am so proud of him!

He did a lovely job and gave me everything I asked for (and a few things I didn't). Attention was great, nice fast sits, he worked hard at staying in heel position (I'm not convinced he really understands exactly WHERE that is yet), gave me a pretty, prancy figure 8 and played bounce and touch games between exercises. 

I was a little too enthusiastic about accelerating into the fast on both heeling patterns and Phoenix thought, "It's a race! COOL!", so a bit gallop-y and forged but LOVED THE ATTITUDE! And I forgot you only need to go SIX feet away on the stand for exam and went about TEN feet (Utility stand, anyone?) We worked a 197.5 for 1st place and his first CD leg.

Big thanks to Tracy for video-ing and Marsha and Toni for shooting stills. I hope to have some pics to post before the weekend is over. I love the pawparazzi. Or is it pooperazzi?

We played at the match after the trial and got home about 7 p.m. Phoenix is really tired. I am glad I didn't enter all 3 days. We'll play again tomorrow morning, and then Jamie gets to do team in the afternoon. He's very excited about that. 

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