Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ABMC '09 Nationals

Congratulations to ALL the Carousel Malinois for their wonderful showing at the American Belgian Malinois Club national specialty last week! It was in California, so we sat this one out.

A few of the highlights were Promise (Phoenix's mom) taking BOS in Veterans Sweeps, best veteran bitch in the regular show and earning an Award of Merit, all as she celebrated her 10th birthday; Cayenne (Phoenix's litter sister) taking BOS and Joker (Phoenix's litter brother) going HIT! (I think I got this right, someone please correct me if I screwed it up.) Plus I know there were lots of other Carousel dogs who were brilliant in herding, agility, obedience and the breed ring.

I'm sure Catherine will post everyone's achievements soon on her Web site. Check it out at

I'm already making plans for the '10 national at Purina Farms near St. Louis. Can't wait to meet all the Carousel folk who are already planning to come from the west coast and sounds like there might be a Wild Litter reunion.


  1. Thank you Melinda!
    It was a very cool show for the Mommy dog
    Promise was also the best Vet bitch in the regular show as well as earning an Award of Merit!
    Extra cool that Nix's brother was HIT and Cayenne was BOSS in the show. Hope all goes well and that I will you and the boy next year in MO!

  2. I love the Maligator Clip arts....although, I'm not so sure those balloons would have survived? There's bound to be another one jumping at them from behind! G It's nice to have SMART and good looking relatives!! It's even better if they are rich and you're in the WILL!! LOL