Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Springtime silliness

The first outdoor agility class of the spring was last week. It feels SO GOOD to be training outdoors again with friends, even though it's usually windy and cold for at least the first month. Who cares! (Yeah, I ended up in the hospital the next day but the doctors assured me there was no connection.) Getting ready to go to class is a big deal at our house; you can see I have a lot of help.


Mom, we're gonna need more cookies than this.

Whattaya mean, I can only take ONE toy?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I KNOW I'm retired.
But I still get to go along for the ride, right?

Don't forget your scarf and earmuffs.
Do I have to do remind you of EVERYTHING?

For the love of pete, hurry up and get over here
with your opposable thumbs!
I don't want to be late!
If you don't open this gate, I'll just jump it. You know I will.


  1. I see he's holding ear muffs and a scarf. Get busy with the spoon!!! At least you looked organized.

  2. Can you teach my dogs to pack and unpack the van please!!!! Just don't let Phoenix drive the car!