Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our first run-off!

Another great day! I thought Phoenix was a little more distracted during heeling but he did an overall very nice job and I couldn't be happier with his work at his second trial. He did a good job of showing me the things he would like to spend some more training time on.

I remembered which class we were showing in when it came to the stand (Novice NOT Utility) and also handled the normal-to-fast transitions a lot better today, resulting in a dog who extended his trot nicely and stayed in heel, not went gallumphing off to the races! About turns remain a mystery to both of us but hey, it's always good to have a project to work on.

To top it all off, we were in a run-off! How exciting is that! Bonus heeling! Thankfully, Phoenix shared my enthusiasm for this adventure (well, more or less, he made the same mistakes he'd made on the regular heeling, the boy is consistent!) and we won the run-off to win the class with 197.5+ and his second CD leg. Good Maligator! Now we have a couple of weeks to train before our next trial.

Our team was awesome. The Women In Red (Julie, Toni, Tracy and me) rocked! We even got the drop on recall exercise done RIGHT without SOMEONE'S dog (that would be mine) refusing to wait his turn. Jamie, Drummer, Walcko and Sydney deserved more than their pink ribbons. Jamie made it very clear he would like a ribeye.

Again, hope to post pics soon. One more day at the trials, just doing Veterans with Jamie and there's a Winter Storm Watch posted for the area tomorrow, heavy snow, high winds, blah, blah, we know the drill by now.