Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who let the WILD DOG out?

Carousel's Call of the Wild, CD, RN, AX, OAJ

Phoenix was a complete NUT today, but in a very good way. He finished his CD with 1st place and . . . . he went High In Trial! I was stunned. Amazed. In fact, I still have this stupid grin on my face that won't go away. I look like I'm on drugs. (Okay, so I AM on drugs, what's your point?!)

Our score was 196.5, which quite honestly around these parts would not normally be HIT material. But first in Utility B was a 195 and first in Open B was 196 so there you have it. I'm not complaining! I am totally proud of my wild baby boy.

The show site was A) cold B) noisy C) had funny lighting and D) was cold. Did I mention it was cold? Phoenix loved it. He bounced and capered and had a grand old time. Overall, I think our heelwork showed improvement. Fast transitions were delightful. Slow transitions? Not so much. In fact he didn't even bother to do a slow on the heel free. I did a lovely slow. Phoenix did not. I just caught up with him when the judge called normal. That left a mark!

We had a few bumps and bangs otherwise but a pretty good running recall - YEAH! - and he really had to think about holding his down stay because he was totally fascinated by a guy in a cowboy hat at ringside and I thought he was going to get up and go introduce himself. Apparently he needs to see men wearing headgear other than seed corn caps.

We celebrated with Dairy Queen on the way home, an Oreo Blizzard for me and a baby cone for Phoenix. He shared it with Jamie, who thought this was a great plan: go for a ride, don't do any work, get ice cream anyway.

We'll go back and do it again tomorrow. Supposed to be colder tomorrow. I have to go find my long underwear now. Doesn't Mother Nature know it's the middle of April!


  1. Whooooopieeeeeeee!!!!!!! What a good Malligator!!!!

  2. WOO HOO!!!!! What an accomplishment for you two. Good job. Good luck on Sunday. Now it surely must be time for spoons.

  3. Yahooo! I'm so proud of you both! it sounds like you had GREAT fun!

  4. Love the clip art!!! G NO doubt about it!! You are THERE!!!!