Sunday, April 5, 2009


Another successful ICDOC obedience trial weekend has wrapped up. Not only did Phoenix have a great Novice debut, it was a weekend full of new titles, UDX legs, run-offs, class placements, adorable junior handlers, run-offs, OTCh. points for club members and did I mention run-offs? It's always fun to spend the weekend with dog friends, no matter what happens in the ring. The weather even cooperated, sort of, by not getting totally crummy until we got the buildings cleaned and the trailer loaded. 

Aside from Phoenix's run-off in Novice on Saturday, there were entirely too many run-offs! The trophy chairman (that would be me) was getting gray hairs organizing multiple high scoring breed run-offs, a High In Trial run-off Saturday and a three-way High In Trial run-off today. Next year, if there are ties I'm just going to send them out behind the building to settle it themselves!

Jamie showed in Veterans today and he just sparkled. He was so happy to be in the ring. Actually, he was happy that he was with me and Phoenix was in his box. He was the only veteran so did his sit/down by himself and was sure everyone spent the whole time admiring him. He really thought he was all that.

Now Phoenix and I have two weeks before our next trial. We need to keep working speed transitions and come to an agreement on where he needs to be on about turns. We currently have two very different opinions about this. We'll keep working speed on recalls, too. He trots and that's fine, but I'd like to get a RUN. And of course, fronts and finishes. I have some ideas in mind and if we have to play them outdoors in the snow, well, guess I'll just have to use dark-colored cookies. Is spring ever going to get here?

The van is unloaded, dogs are fed, I've had a celebratory margarita with the Farmer and after a hot shower, am headed to bed.

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