Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday fun

This plant is called Pig Squeak. Seriously. I totally bought it for the name (it's also called bergenia but that's not nearly as much fun as Pig Squeak.) I wonder if there are plants called Cat Yowl or Sheltie Bark?

I am Connor, King of the Skunk Dogs. You will do my bidding.

You annoy me, peasant. Away with you.

I will use an old Jedi mind trick. Bring me the cookies.

Totally barking mad.


  1. so does the old jedi mind trick work???

  2. that last picture is great.

    *needs to remember she cant have a mal, she cannot have a mal*

    im amazed you have plants at all! my yard is dead dead dead!

  3. Was Connor thinking just cookies for him or for all his kingdom???

    Love the pig flower. Do they come in orange? Maybe if you watered them with the old water they would.