Monday, April 6, 2009

Pics from the trial

Here we are on our very first "official" heeling pattern. Phoenix is a FAST sitter. Sometimes he is too fast. He can read my halt cue before I realize I'm giving it and his butt is on the floor before I've stopped. He's a tiny bit out of heel position here. Clearly, I stopped too slowly.

Figure 8: Love the attention! But 'Nix could get off my leg just a leeeeetle bit and we could be wrapping the post a bit closer. Many of our stewards at this trial were guys from the Iowa Department of Corrections (IDOC, not to be confused with the Iowa City Dog Obedience Club, ICDOC!) who needed to get community service hours. They were great! Imagine, standing and letting dogs walk around you for community service.

This is what I love to see when the judge says, "Are you ready?"

Is he a handsome feller or what?

Thanks Sheryl and Toni for these great pics! And Marsha, who took great ones, too!


  1. On that first picture is looks like somone needs to break Bob's pencil. He's looking WAY too willing to USE IT!! I almost didn't recognize him in the suit. He cleans up GOOD! Oh, so does Phoenix!! LOL

  2. OH you guys look great! I have been having fun reading your blog and following what was once just a wild RedWhiteBlue baby boy that liked to play TUG!