Thursday, April 30, 2009

Road trip!

The Belgian boys, the Lab girls, Michele and I are off to Kansas City tomorrow for a Linda Koutsky obedience seminar. This will be the first obedience seminar I've gone to with Phoenix since he's been in the ring and I definitely have a list of things we need help with.

Seminars are great. Two solid days with dog friends, learning how to improve as a trainer and handler and team. It will be so GOOD to focus on working my dog for an entire weekend and get some new ideas. Not to mention the food . . . breakfast, snacks, lunch, going out for dinner . . . yeah, you can tell where my priorities are!

It's done nothing but rain all week and the Farmer is getting a bit edgy. Tomorrow is May 1 and he's only got 100 acres of corn in the ground. They keep reporting Iowa is "ahead of average" in corn planting progress. They're obviously not interviewing any farmers around here.

Now if we can just get to KC and back without contracting swine flu . . .


  1. Have fun - learn LOTS - and eat a TON!!!! (and stay away from the swine flu!!)

  2. let me know how it goes - she just did one in my area last weekend, but i couldnt go because i had to go to a vet conference! *sigh* stupid continuing education requirements to stay licensed :)

  3. Have a Marg for me!!! can't! Um....maybe Jamie can be trusted. I wouldn't let Phoenix try one!! He might LIKE IT! Drive safe!

  4. So I guess Michele will have a designated driver for the week-end. WASH HANDS OFTEN - USE HAND SANITIZER!!! I'm sure there will lots to "blog" about. Can't wait to hear about it. Take special notes on the "holding the metal spoon" section, ok.