Monday, November 29, 2010

Mouse, 1; trap, 0

Good news: I caught a mouse in one of my fancy-schmancy new traps.

Bad news: the mouse was caught by the hind leg and very much alive.

Good news: but the trap held it!

Bad news: but now I was going to have to kill it.

Good news: I'm not bloodthirsty but I'm not horribly squeamish when it comes to mice. I could do this.

Bad news: the mouse would not cooperate.

Good news: mice can't move that fast when they're dragging a trap along behind them.

Bad news: they move faster than I thought.

Good news: I was able to grab the trap before mouse and trap disappeared into a laundry pile (yuck, yuck, yuck).

Bad news: the little SOB tried to bite me.

Good news: I have EXCELLENT reflexes when being attacked by a killer mouse.

Bad news: I have HORRIBLE aim when stomping on a killer mouse.

Good news: I didn't break the trap.

Bad news: I didn't break the mouse, either.

Good news: I got a second chance (the mouse apparently couldn't believe a human could be so clumsy.)

Bad news: I was even clumsier the second time. I stomped the trap instead of the mouse. The trap opened. The mouse bolted.

Crap. Now there's an angry 3-legged mouse running around our basement.

No wonder Phoenix doesn't want to go down there.


  1. Maybe you need to explain to Phoenix that the best mouse traps are called kitties but if he is going to try to chase/eat kitties then HE needs to take care of the mice! As always I laughed my butt off reading this (if only my butt would really lose weight laughing).

  2. Oh no! At least the traps work. My dad tried some of the glue traps once, thinking that they'd be more humane. He didn't realize that the poor mice just sit there, stuck, until they die of starvation or whatever. He caught one in the basement, and went down a few hours later and the thing was still struggling. I said, "What did you do then?" His prize-winning answer? "I got a hammer." much for wanting to be more humane.

    When you have time, could you do me a favor? I caused Layla to knock a bar on our JWW run, but I can't figure out what exactly I did wrong. It's the second video on our post, can you look and see what you think I did wrong?

    Good luck catching your mouse! He won't be so fast with only 3 legs now.

  3. Truly laughing out loud. Is there video?????

  4. OMG! Thanks for the really good laugh. Rather you than me though, trying to finish off that mouse:)

  5. Too funny! I was thinking, just let Phoenix finish it off...but since the trap was in the basement...

  6. Oh man! That happened here once too. Poor little mouse. Fortunately Master caught him and did the deed.


  7. Promise said her son needs to STEP up and kill rodents! she is a proud critter killer just like his sister Cayenne - they LOVE cats but HATE and are deadly on rodents! I bet if he knew what fun he could have down there! you would no have any more mice!

  8. Try my approach - pick the trap up with plyers and throw both the trap and mouse out into the woods. The heck with reusing the trap.