Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daily dose of cute

Phoenix's nieces and nephews (from his sister Cayenne's litter) took a field trip recently. Breeder Catherine took them to visit Lowe's. Apparently Lowe's is very dog-friendly. Or maybe it's just this Lowe's. Or maybe it's a west coast thing.

Anyway here they are. Dang, they are adorable. And YES, it made me want one in a major way. But no. Not yet. Not for a very long yet.

The puppies rode around in carts and met people and had a grand time.

In case you're wondering about the North and South litter theme, they are a dual-sired litter. One papa dog is from the north, the other from the south. Catherine will DNA test to determine who's your papa.

Thanks Catherine/Carousel Malinois for the pics!


  1. How totally adorable is that!!! She should have put price tags on them.....just for fun of course!! G

  2. Yup - Lowes "Out West" (at least HERE "out west") are VERY dog friendly. Had my pup there a couple weekends ago in a cart:


    People just melt at the sight of a puppy in a shopping cart! Cute puppies - how can you resist? :)

  3. I love the puppy with the green collar. But they are all cute. Diana

  4. Awwwww so cute! They look like so plushy and soft!

  5. I'm hung up on the dual sired thing. ???

  6. Oh my goodness lookit those faces!!!!!

  7. Kathy - I'm the puppy momma. Dual sire issue. One of the sires is 11 yrs old and he and some age related issue that affected his fertility. Oddly enough he can get a "boost" from the younger more "fertile" dog. SO it was now or never on the old dog (chances are slim we have any of his puppies but there is a chance). So semen from both dogs was used (chilled semen was used shipped FedX from east coast) for the breeding. Both sires as well as the dam are DNA profiled all the pups have had samples submitted and once that is sorted out I can register the litter! The sires are father and son so at the very least the old dog is a grandfather of the litter! More info on AKC web page http://www.akc.org/dna/multisire.cfm