Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy week

C3PO went into the body shop this morning to get put back together after our deer-bashing incident. The Farmer is supposed to bring his pickup into town later this morning so I can get to interviews this afternoon for work. (Doing interviews for this job, not doing job interviews. There's a big difference.)

Tonight is my obedience club's annual visit to the local prison. We go every year and give an obedience and agility demo. It's a little freaky, going into a prison and giving a demo when there are armed guards standing around. Really makes me appreciate my freedoms as a citizen. And reminds me that robbing banks, shooting people, dealing drugs, etc. is a really bad idea.

Tomorrow, Phoenix and I are giving the program for the noon Kiwanis Club. Still scrambling to get that outline put together. There's a meal involved! Food is a definite motivator.

Tomorrow night, I have Utility class to teach. Lesson plans? What lesson plans?

This means Phoenix will get to ride in the Farmer's pickup a lot in the next few days. He has never done this before. The Farmer harbors some strange notion that his pickup should be a dog hair free zone. Whenever he brings that up, I just give him The Look and refrain from pointing out the mud, cow sh*t and heaven knows what else it is full of. It's definitely a cattleman's pickup. I think a little Malinois fur will improve it.

Since I'm not crazy about the idea of Nix riding "loose," I got a harness that hooks to the seatbelt. I really think he will just look out the window because that's what he loves to do in the van — lay in his crate and look between the front seats as we go down the road.

3PO is supposed to be done on Friday, just in time to go to a fun match at the DMOTC building on Saturday.

Sunday, I plan to STAY HOME, just to see what that's like.

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