Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow day!

We were right in the path of that big winter storm system that steamrolled its away across the Midwest Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday. I stayed home from work today. Figured 10 inches of snow, 40 mph winds and a blizzard warning were a pretty good excuse. It's almost 5 p.m. and the county snowplow hasn't been by our house yet so whether I can get out tomorrow is anybody's guess.

Phoenix and Jamie enjoyed playing in the snow late yesterday afternoon. It was snowing but still warm at that point. Warm is a relative term. It was about 30 degrees. 

Jamie thinks he is superior to his li'l bro because he has all this wonderful fur. Which just means he can drag twice as much snow into the house.

I have no idea what Phoenix is digging up here. I don't think he did either.

It started snowing hard about 7 p.m. I love watching it snow at night, especially when I'm warm and snug at home. 

Winter is tough on livestock and farmers alike. The Farmer did a little snow relocation first thing this morning so he could get around to do chores. The wind was blowing so hard it made shoveling pretty much a waste of time. The temps dropped all day. It's in the single digits now and the wind is still howling.

This is not an almost 4-foot drift. If it hardens, it is a malinois escape plan. I may have to attack it with a shovel when I am feeling ambitious.

I had a great day at home: finished Christmas cards, caught up on laundry, read, made a Crock Pot of vegetable beef soup and did a little front and finish work. But first I baked and frosted sugar cookies. You gotta have priorities. I'll post the recipe soon. 

Today I am thankful for a warm house and hot food.


  1. I am so jealous - I had to brave the roads and go to work for half a day!!!

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