Monday, December 14, 2009

Funerals are exhausting

Dad's funeral was today. I am glad it's over. It's been 48 hours of too many emotions and a totally sleepless night on the motel bed from hell. 

The service was nice. The church was beautiful. It was already decorated for a wedding this coming weekend. Guess we got bonus decorations. Actually, it looked like people sent us about 75 poinsettias and evergreen wreaths.

I am exhausted. I've done nothing for two days but sit and stand around and talk to people and cry and blow my nose and change my clothes and fix meals and go to the grocery store (3 times in two days, possibly a record, even for me) and remind my mother what she was doing when she got halfway through it, then couldn't remember.

Big thanks to Tammy and Marsha for coming down for the visitation and Mary and Liz who came to the funeral. THANK YOU. It meant a lot. Of course, it also caused more crying and nose blowing. My nose feels like it might fall off at any moment.

The dogs took it all in stride. They got to shed on all the relatives who came to Mom's house after the luncheon. Phoenix did a lot of testing to see if any of them really didn't like dogs so he could pester that person in particular, but they all passed the test. He spent the afternoon working the room in a clockwise circle, giving everyone equal time. Although I think he spent more time with anyone wearing black pants.

The Farmer and I left Mom's late in the afternoon and went back to the church to load up flowers. I was tempted to take an extra poinsettia or two but we had gotten a huge and beautiful one from Mom and Dad's bank and really, how many poinsettias does one need?

I've gotten everything unpacked and put away. Now I just want to crawl into bed and sleep for about 12 hours. 

Today, I am thankful to have the next two days off work.


  1. I'm glad you get to rest up now too!

    Some memories I have are of your dad always carrying your mom's crates and chairs for the dog events! Annie was such a Princess!! The stories of your Dad's unfortunate accidents, which often involved bulging cement or bees! Thus, the incidents with YOU and bungie cords PROVE you were NOT ADOPTED!!! LOL
    Of course, there was the "HI HO SLIVER" event....which is a 'TOTAL INSIDE JOKE!' It involved Frank and Marie missing a turn in MN and Meme (AKA Marsha), Kay L and I making some jokes that any normal daughter would be horrified by! We obviously did NOT care! G
    Annie and your dad with the 4 wheeler! That was probably my favorite picture. The one of the 3 of you from "high school"? G Hum....wonder why THAT didn't make the blog? Inquiring minds WANT to know!

  2. Yep - we've known for quite some time that you are NOT adopted!! I'm with Tammy on this... why haven't we seen that MOST ADORABLE photo of you and your folks from your high school days?????

    Glad you have a couple days off to "decompress" before it's back to work!

  3. I hope they didn't have to pay a lot for that picture. It was out of focus! Actually, that might be for the better. And I don't have it scanned (gee, wonder WHY!) so couldn't post it.