Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Santa . . .

Since Christmas Eve is three weeks from today, I thought maybe we’d better get our letters written to Santa.

Dear Santa,

Would you please bring me a new John Deere 9500 combine? A fireproof one would be nice. A mild winter, strong cattle prices and an early spring for calving season would be appreciated, too.

I have been very good. Built a sit-box for the wife’s dog. Started doing dog chores on the night she works late. I don’t get mad when the big furry dog nibbles on my jeans.

The Farmer


Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year and only bit my little brother once. He deserved it. Mom said so.

I would like more food and fewer green beans in my food bowl. I am not plump. I am furry.



Dear Santa,

I want a cat.

Or a hamster in one of those hamster balls. That would rock.

And I can totally explain about all the socks.

But I really, really want a cat.



Dear Santa,

We have been perfect this year. Of course. We are cats.

You do not need to bring us anything. In fact, we want to give YOU something. Please take the dogs with you when you stop at our house. Especially the skinny one. Although it is amusing to watch him do stupid things.

The Barn Cats,
Winnie, Beauty, Brass, Dora, Cat With No Name and Fat Bastard


Dear Santa,

I have tried to be good this year. Some days I tried harder than others.

Would you please bring me and my dogs enthusiasm, attitude, speed, focus, drive, joy, animation, teamwork and accuracy in the ring and endless motivation to teach and maintain it? Plus brilliant ideas for students in my classes. And energy. And creativity. And patience.

Or you can just bring me a lot of chocolate.



  1. Dear Santa... would you please bring Melinda "brilliant ideas for students in my classes" - some of us REALLY REALLY need help!!

  2. Dear Santa,

    Can I have a baby brother or sister? I don't care if it's a BC or PWD. Something closer to my age so I can RUN RUN RUN!!!

    PS - I can donate a CAT!!

  3. My favorite? "I am not plump. I am furry."

    Layla would like to donate a cat to Phoenix. She's pretty insistent on it.

  4. Melinda-this is the single most funny thing I have read in sometime. You rock.