Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Da ball

Phoenix can spend hours entertaining himself in the house with a ball. I took this series of pics last night while I was folding laundry in our bedroom.

Phoenix loves his ball. He has a blue ball, a green ball and an orange ball in the house but the blue one is his favorite. It is an Orbee ball and originally was blue and green. Phoenix very methodically chewed off all the green stuff. I thought it was just a fluke until I bought a second one and now he is very deliberately doing the same thing to it.

One of his favorite games is "Shove the ball someplace and then try to get it back." Here, he is contemplating shoving it between the cedar chest and the foot of the bed. This is a very thinly veiled way of getting me to play with him, because eventually he will shove it somewhere he cannot reach it and you-know-who will have to stop what she is doing and get it out for him before he destroys something.

Like here. Uh-oh. Now it's under the bed. What did you put it there for? I don't understand the point of this game but apparently it is very entertaining. He enjoys shoving it under the recliners in the living room and occasionally under the couch. I finally put a stop to shoving it under the antique glass-front secretary in the dining room.

Got it back! More contemplative ball worship atop the cedar chest. Notice Jamie's paw on the left side of the pic. He is deliberately not acknowledging Phoenix.

Jamie: You are a freak.
Phoenix: This is the coolest ball in the world! Watch, I'm gonna stuff it under the bed again!

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  1. LOL - Poor Fawnicks!!! Everyone needs a hobby, I suppose!