Monday, September 21, 2009

Vacation, Day 1

I'm on a genuine vacation this week - not a Gannett-mandated sign-me-up-for-unemployment-furlough. Yippee! 

First things first: the report from agility at Granger over the weekend. How can I put this? We had a sign hanging over our crating area that showed a red and gold bull's eye with the words "Bang Head Here" printed in the center. It got plenty of use from me.

Phoenix was wonderful and gave me some of the best Excellent Std. and JWW runs we've ever had. He did everything I asked, which was both a blessing and a curse. I was a total idiot as a handler and found new and creative ways to screw up every good thing we had going. So, after a lot of head banging, I have put those train wrecks behind me and am already looking ahead to another two days of agility at Davenport next weekend.  

Our runs weren't a complete disaster. He was 6 for 6 on weave entries and 3 for 3 on tables, two things we've struggled with and worked hard on. Hmmm . . . training actually helps?!

Camping was fun with great fires and plenty of marshmallows. Probably our last camping of the season. Phoenix got to splash and play in the Saylorville Reservoir with Kruz, Mad, Seeker, Addie, Paulie and Vinnie. He's not much on swimming but had a good time splashing and fetching tennis balls close to the shore. Plus, 45 minutes after he came out of the water, he was dry, I brushed the sand out and he looked fresh as a daisy. Malinois rock!

Today, 'Nix and I went down to visit my dad in hospice. He's about the same, semi-alert, tries to communicate but has a hard time finding and forming words. 

It was actually RAINING when we got home. We haven't had a drop of rain in 24 days so it was welcome although now we'll have to mow the $#@! grass again. No lightning or storms though, so Phoenix and I went out and worked contacts. They were OK at Granger although Mr. I Know How To Do This Faster was doing some self-releasing and I'd like to clear that up before the coming weekend.

Tomorrow: training with Michele and Cider in the morning, then going to Barnes and Noble to pick up "An Echo in the Bone," the seventh Jamie and Claire book from Diana Gabaldon, which is released tomorrow. Then coming home and READING!!!


  1. Sounds like your vacation is off to a good start. Relax. Bake. Train. Bake. Read. Life is good. Enjoy. And, did I mention - Bake.

  2. I liked your "Mr. I Know How To Do This Faster" name for Phoenix. It sounds like how our Egan ran in agility class last night!

    I am going to Diana's official "Echo in the Bone" launch party tonight! Unfortunately, I probably won't have time to start reading the book until the weekend.