Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The dog house

Several of you asked, so here it is. This is where the Belgians hang out during the day when the weather is nice. It is next to the house. The Farmer says Jamie is always outside where he can watch things.

The whole run is shaded all day long. I thought Phoenix might decide to take down the tarp across the south end but he's left it alone. So far.

Here's a view from inside the outdoor part. No dogs are present because they were too busy eating cherry tomatoes to pose for pictures.

Here is the part of the kennel that is in the machine shed. The baby gate is there to keep Phoenix off the top of the dog box, because that puts him a little too close to the top of the fence. After enhancement, it's a 10' fence but still . . . we're talking about Phoenix!

Jamie has used this kennel for 10 years and I don't think he's ever gone in the dog box. He might miss something outside! Phoenix goes in every morning. I think he's looking for the raccoon.

Sorry, no photos of the raccoon. I haven't seen him for awhile. If he knows what's good for him, he's moved out.


  1. What a great view outside for the dogs: lush greenery abounds. They're living the good life.

  2. That is a very nice spot. Has Pheonix grabbed the pretty plants outside the run and shredded them yet?

  3. those sure are some fancy digs!!!