Thursday, September 3, 2009

10 things

10 things I am thankful for today:

1. This is the last day I am working this week. Tomorrow we're off to the Des Moines cluster to play in Graduate Novice and Wild Card Open.

2. Diana Gabaldon’s new Jamie and Claire book, "An Echo in the Bone," comes out in 18 days.

3. The weather here is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

4. I finally got Jamie’s paws trimmed and he no longer looks like some bizarre Belgian version of an Arctic ptarmigan.

5. Phoenix does not need a bath before the weekend shows. Or possibly ever again. Ha-ha, just joking. I think.

6. Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies from the food concession at the Des Moines cluster. Note to self: buy little bottles of milk . . .

7. C3P0 is getting fixed and I should have her back soon.

8. I have a chocolate zucchini cupcake with peanut butter frosting for lunch.

9. The local library finally got the new Clive Cussler book "Corsair" and it's mine for the next two weeks.

10. I have a new air mattress for camping this weekend.


  1. 24 hours and we'll be munching on those cookies!! I already bought my little bottles of milk!!!!!!

  2. I can almost taste them. However, will have to take everyone's word for how good they were. I'll be home waiting for reports. Have fun, good luck and think "cookies" for the dogs, handlers and handler's friends. Guess I'll get some Chips A'Hoy and pretend I'm in Des Moines.

  3. I ask you to save me one....but I know BETTER!!!
    Keep the Belgian OFF the mattress...or you might need another one! G

  4. Random internet person here to say: #2 on your list has me ridiculously excited!!