Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Foggy morning

My plan for this morning, Day 3 of vacation, was to take Phoenix to train at the motel complex at the interstate. There are lots of grassy areas and wide sidewalks for heeling around the restaurants and shops and tons of pedestrian traffic for distractions, especially first thing in the morning when people are checking out of the motels, going to breakfast, etc.

But when I couldn't see to the end of the lane and several local schools were delaying because of the fog, I decided we would stay home instead. We trained in the front yard. It was as good as a new environment because Phoenix was very concerned about sounds when he couldn't see the source, like the Farmer doing chores and the neighbors out banging around.

It was good to work in the wet grass, since Mal nationals are outside at Purina Farms in Missouri next spring and my experience with showing at Purina has been WET WET WET. We don't show outside very much around here. With the exception of a few agility trials, we Midwesterners like to show indoors . . . where it's safe from blizzards, ice storms, blazing heat, tornadoes, lightning, hail, pouring rain . . . yeah, I think they've had the last five at Purina . . . 

The spider webs were really pretty this morning, too. Are there always this many spider webs in the morning or did I just notice them today? Okay, it creeps me out a little bit that there are that many spiders around our house . . .

Agenda for the rest of the day is a shopping trip to Iowa City once the fog lifts, then agility class this evening. Plus reading more of "Echo." I read the first 100 pages yesterday. It is classic Jamie and Claire. And I keep swearing I'm going to clean and organize the spare room. Yeah. Right. I'll let ya know how that goes.


  1. One year at border collie nationals the agility field at purina got so wet after a night of rain we all carried the equipment to another area-not mowed, and certainly not even ground. It was interesting, but not ideal!

  2. I thought they were building a new indoor obedience facility. Maybe it will be ready by Spring? I wondered if you were done with the book yet!!! I'm reading a series by Robin Hobb, Assassin's Apprentice, is the first book. It's a good read.

  3. Does fog count as a distraction?