Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flying around on my broomstick

Can I vent? I’ll do it quick, then shut up, I promise.

The GMC dealership where C3PO is being fixed just called. They’ve had her for two weeks today. She is not fixed. She is not being fixed. They can’t fix her because they don’t have the part because - get this - IT GOT FREAKING LOST IN TRANSIT!

It’s the head for a Vortec 3.6L SIDI V6 engine. This is not a teeny tiny little thing. How do you LOSE something like that? If it fell off the delivery truck, it probably would have killed someone.

But they lost it some place between Wisconsin and Moline, Ill. They can’t even find it with the tracking number. For doG’s sake, no wonder GM went bankrupt. I know 5-year-olds who are more organized and reliable!

So they are supposed to ship another one. It will get here Thursday. Maybe.

In the meantime, I'll keep buzzing the dealership on my broom. Where's my witch's hat from the Harry Potter party last year . . .


  1. OMG! Of course when the 5 yr old in question is Natalie, most things can't compare! : ) Sorry the repair keeps getting derailed -- tell them to go walk the highway between WI and Moline and find the blasted thing!

  2. Last I heard...the hat was on the farmer's head while he was teasing the Mal!!! I'd hold out for the HUMMER!!!! VBG

  3. That's the craziest thing... I just got a head for a Vortec 3.6L SIDI V6 engine from UPS today. I'll bring it to class Wednesday night! ;-)

  4. Relax. It only took my GMC dealership 3 tries to get a replacement gas tank. The first 2 they sent were defective ie molded wrong. The 3rd one was also defective but they carved on it and made it work. Now when my gas gauge reads empty, I still have 6 gallons left.