Saturday, September 12, 2009

She's ba-ack!

C3P0 is risen!

She is risen indeed! Allelujia!

Sorry, just a bit of twisted Lutheran humor. I couldn't resist.

Anyway, I got C3Po back late Friday. She spent almost 3 weeks at the dealership, having her engine rebuilt. I think she's good as new. Time will tell. I do not miss Clearance/Clarence, the loaner van, at all. 

I gave C3 a bath and a good vacuuming and put Phoenix's crate back in (yeah, that would be one of the 18 crates I own. But we've been over that. Tammy wins, by the way, her dog to crate ratio is 3:25.) 

I think Jamie is going to stay at home with the Farmer when we go to Granger for agility next weekend. He usually goes with and lazes around in royal Retired Dog splendor but let's face it, the weekend can get pretty boring for the dog who doesn't get to run and has to sit in a crate for 3 days. I think he will be just as happy outside in his kennel during the day and keeping the Farmer company in the house (poking him for cookies) at night. Jamie and the Farmer get along pretty good. The Farmer is generous with the cookies.

If we go with the "Jamie stays home with the Farmer" plan, this will be the first time in I don't know how many years I've gone to a trial with only ONE DOG. Unreal.

Who knows what the weather will be up to by then. We've had two weeks of absolutely beautiful sunny, dry, warm weather so we're probably due for the bottom to fall out by next weekend. I'll camp, and with just one crate in C3, won't put up a tent but just sleep in her instead. It's probably the closest thing I'll ever have to an RV.


  1. Jamie will be quite content to poke the farmer for cookies. Soph isn't running in Grainger, only Ryelee and only 2 days so unless the farmer wants to keep Sophie, she's going with me. The weather is going to hold - it's called the power of positive thinking. So glad she is baaaack - one less stressor.

  2. I've been traveling with only one dog for awhile now. It's weird, but simple.