Thursday, October 1, 2009

New month, new pic

See what happens when I'm bored on a rainy day?

I took this new (sort of) header pic last October. We jokingly called it "Watching for Santa." Notice the Belgians are scanning the sky but Connor is staring right at the cookies . . . err . . . camera. He was nobody's fool. Let the big dogs keep an eye out for a fat man in a red suit, he wasn't taking any chances on losing track of the cheese.

Then I decided to dress things up a little bit after stumbling across It's like a little dose of scrapbooking in the middle of the day.

Seeing the pic of all three dogs made me realize I should start working on taking the Official Christmas Card Picture. Last year, one of the gals on the Carousel Malinois list took a hysterical Christmas card picture of herself and her furkids. The dogs were jumping out of the frame or had their butts to the camera, her eyes were closed and I think the whole thing was out of focus. Yeah. I could do that.

Theoretically, taking a pic of the dogs should be easier this year since Connor is gone. In his later years, I'd pose all three boys, tell them to stay, walk away, then turn around to find Connor had moved about six inches away from the Belgians. Ewww. Belgian cooties.


  1. Last year I decorated agility equipment with christmas stuff, posed the dogs, and typed "Happy Collie-days"

  2. Very cute... looks good on you... I tried it and now I can't get rid of it!!! LOL