Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Combining soybeans

When I got home last night, the Farmer and Co. were combining soybeans in the field south of our house. It is dusty business. Corn moisture is still too high and corn can stay in the field longer with less yield loss, so the beans are coming out first.

Phoenix and I did some training in the front yard across the lane from the field while the combine was going back and forth. This wasn't as extreme as it might sound. My dogs are used to tractors, wagons, balers and other big, loud farm implements clattering around. They would probably be more distracted in a suburban setting with kids on bicycles or skateboards.

Beans are being dumped out of the combine hopper into a grain cart. From here, they will be augered (is that a word? Must be, I just used it) into a bin for storage.

I didn't take a picture of the 10 bazillion Asian beetles swarming around on the warm and sunny south exposure of our house. Those $#@! things were EVERYWHERE. I think they lived in the bean field and were very disturbed by their loss of habitat. However that does not mean they are welcome in MY habitat. At least they weren't as bad as several years ago when they were an absolute PLAGUE and we were still vacuuming them off the walls and ceilings in December.

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  1. That's what I hate about beans!!! The beetles!! I hear they eat a lot of the bean aphids however. So, I guess they have a purpose! Just imagine how dusty it would be without all the rain!