Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stick a fork in us . . . we're done

Seriously. I mean it this time. We are done with Novice. (Phoenix says he would like that it writing.)

'Nix and I showed at the Quad Cities Dog Obedience Club trials this weekend. We were back in Novice since we're not ready for Open yet. This was truly the end of his Novice career.

Saturday I had my good dog: lovely attention and animation. The only thing missing was the first sit on heeling. Oops. We won the class with 195 and a 3 point deduction for the no sit. High In Trial was 198. Go figure.

Sunday, I had my "Let me make it clear I am just going through the motions" dog. Ugh. Actually, he wasn't terribly naughty, just clearly ho-hum about the whole affair, including the first halt on heeling again. Not sure where THAT came from. We won the class again, with a 192. It's always nice to say "My dog won" but to be honest, I would have traded the ribbon for better attitude in the ring. Oh well, there's always something that needs fixing!

On the bright side, he gave me nice solid group exercises both days in spite of dogs doing directed jumping right behind him. That's ALWAYS good to see.

Now we have 5 months to train for AKC Open in the spring. Wow, that sounds like a long time but I know it will fly by. We're going to do a couple of UKC trials the next two weekends and give UKC Open another shot. Having the stays separated is much less stressful for both of us!

After the show today, we stopped at West Lake Park to take potential a Christmas card picture. It was super windy and almost too sunny for good pics, so we didn't stay long. Here's one of the out-takes. Jamie would like a little more actual cheese and a little less "saying cheese," please.


  1. Sorry about the weekend. I had a similar experience in Open this weekend. On Saturday things were great. Sunday his heeling was awful (5 points off) and then on the DOR he dropped but failed to come after the drop. I think somone kidnapped my dog on the first two excercises and returned him for the final excercises!!! The retrieves and broad jump were almost perfect.

  2. He'll be an OTCh before you know it! Love the pic!

  3. Yep. Always something. Usually a lot of things in our case. I'm not patient enough to train a perfect obedience dog!

  4. Dear Phoenix,
    If I were you, I'd chew up the check book and pen, cover it with dirt and honey for good measure!! Women ALWAYS change their minds!!

    you have no idea just how good you have it that these ladies are your "people".
    Trying not to be the embarrassed mother of Seek and Nix. DO ME PROUD
    Now to go back to play with "my" kitten, at least she appreciates my advice and being mothered!
    - PROMISE,

  6. Just realized it was ANOTHER Seeker!
    LOL how silly to think that Nix would have a friend and a BROTHER named Seeker!