Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween fun

Since our last name is frequently (mis)pronounced "Witch-man," it's no surprise we received a visit from a relative over the weekend. Elphaba, the green-skinned and very misunderstood witch from the book and musical "Wicked" stopped to say hi during a break from doing her show in Des Moines.

She helped the Farmer unload some corncobs.
Apparently there was a communication problem.

Then she helped me with agility training.
We had trouble with the 2-on, 2-off concept.

She helped me repot a few plants, too,
but was careful not to mess up her manicure.

Elphaba and the Farmer compared fashion sense.

She made a new friend.

She helped me do some obedience work, too.
She throws the dumbbell worse than I do.

And finally, she played with the Belgians.
Phoenix! Give cousin Elphaba back her hand!


  1. LOL!! That was AWESOME!!! I wonder where the rest of the body is located???

  2. I'm lol and my dogs came running to see what was going on. I was afraid to tell Ryelee what Phoenix was carrying around. As for the rest of the body---maybe it's best we don't know. Yep - the 2 on-2 off concept needs a little work. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Twisted... just twisted! LOVE it!!