Monday, October 12, 2009

Rat in the house

Meet Rat. He arrived Saturday.
How much fun can you have with a remote-controlled rat?

Malinois vs. rat. Personally, I know who my money's on.
Notice Jamie's paws. He is keeping a safe distance.

And the tension builds.

Malinois vs. rat, Round II
Rat's eyes glow red when he's running. It's very cool.

Caught ya, you furry little vermin!
The winner indulges in rat plucking.
Rat may need Rogaine before long.


  1. Next thing you know you'll be getting a motorized 'cat' to catch your rat!!! TOO FUNNY!! I'd say 'cute', but I'd be lying!!! LOL

  2. They have them at Mennards. Enjoy!