Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Odds and ends on St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This is the day when Americans suddenly claim Irish ancestry whether they have any or not and proceed to do all sorts of things that would probably make our Irish ancestors not want to claim any of us. I DO claim Irish ancestry but will pass on the green beer and leprechaun costumes. But if someone wanted to give me a sugar cookie with green frosting I wouldn’t argue.

Genealogy is a fascinating thing if you have enough time to get into it. I don’t, but I do know my father’s family came from Denmark and my mother’s family came from Scotland and Ireland. They were a bunch of farmers and ended up in the Midwest where the farmin’ was good. That’s probably all I need to know.

I celebrated being part Irish by having a reuben sandwich for lunch. Corned beef is allegedly very Irish. But there was a ton of sauerkraut on that sandwich so it was probably more German than Irish. Plus the Swiss cheese. And French fries on the side. Okay, I celebrated international diversity. Some Belgian chocolate would be great right now.

The herding dog obedience team finally managed an all-member practice last night! Since we have Jill, Judy and Jennifer handling Kina, Kenzie and Katie, Phoenix and I have decided to change our names for the good of the team: I will be Jackie, Phoenix will be Kennedy. We settled on a theme, too: flower children. Peace, man.

Oh, I stand corrected: Keno Davis did not coach basketball at Iowa. His father, Tom Davis, did. Keno coached at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, where he turned what was considered a loosing program around. See what happens when the obituary editor tries to write about sports? Won’t do that again.


  1. Won't do that again?? Hum, we'll might NOT have a choice!!! LOL

  2. I took your advice from your hospital stay and wore warm socks to the surgery - great advice! I was freezing, but my feet were toasty!