Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer fun

Here's what we did this weekend, when we weren't training. Some of these are out of focus, sorry, sports photograph is new to me! Is bubble chasing really a sport? The Belgians think so. They take it very seriously.

Becoming one with the bubbles.

Walkin' in a bubble wonderland.

Bubble herding?

I don't feed this dog. Ever.
He has to eat bubbles.

Old dogs CAN jump.

Just out of reach.

Pretty boy.

I know, out of focus.
But maybe it's better that way.

No photographers were harmed during this photo shoot.
But not for lack of trying.

Behold, the bubble.


  1. If ever bored, one of two equations always works: Dogs + Bubbles, or Children + Bubbles. Both provide hours of fun!

  2. great pictures! I love the last one. They seem in awe of the bubble.

  3. oh my your old boy looks like he is having so much fun! You must laugh alot playing bubbles with him and I bet he laughs back.

  4. Glad they are still playing with the bubbles. It is fun to watch how many different ways dogs approach them. Nike is just starting out - she's not so sure about them and Ryelee is encouraging her to like them so she will leave him along for a while. Fun stuff.