Saturday, July 9, 2011

Phoenix's fantasy

This is Flirt, one of Phoenix's relatives. She lives with cats. She likes cats. Apparently she thinks she IS a cat.

Catherine says she climbs up on the cat tree by herself and naps there.

I am so not letting Phoenix see these pictures.

There would be no living with him.

Occasionally there is no living with him now.

If he realized you could keep cats INSIDE the house . . . on a tree . . . for easy picking . . . oh dear.

No good could come of this.

But Flirt is adorable. You go, girl.


  1. LOL - for a minute there I thought you had Photoshopped Phoenix into that picture!!!

  2. Khyra's wish list is the same as Phoenix's!

  3. LOL, thats just to funny. I can just see Phoenix waking up Christmas morning to his very own Cat Christmas tree.

  4. She has the perching gene for sure!