Friday, July 29, 2011

The crazy people are here!

Spent all morning and early afternoon in Homestead, taking pics and watching RAGBRAI roll through. 

Ran into Barb Taylor from Iowa City and some friends. Barb was doing today's ride only. Really, what are the odds of watching 10,000 bikers and you see someone you actually know!

My "Friends Don't Let Friends Go To Iowa" T-shirt was a big hit! I had my picture taken at least 4 times with Cyclone riders and once with a Hawkeye rider who thought that was the funniest shirt she'd ever seen even though she is an Iowa fan.

Here are some of my favorite pics. It takes for-freaking-ever to upload from dial-up Internet so I only put up a few.

Tandem has to be the way to go. Make the guy in front do all the work!

This guy had the right idea. It was really hot.

How about a little keg toss action? 
If you chucked it far enough, you got a free beer!
This gal did better than most of the guys.

The apple pie hunter.
Pie. Everywhere. Awesome. Rhubarb. Yum.

Nothing says welcome to a German community like a guy wearing lederhosen. And a Hawaiian shirt. We're a very multi-cultural community in Homestead. Actually I have no idea where this guy was from. 

No idea what these guys were doing. But it involved a ladder on the roof of a SUV. I think they were hanging a banner. Honestly. I had to look twice to see if the Farmer was involved. That is sooooo something he would do.

My favorite team jerseys.
It says "Donner Party" . . .


  1. Love the Donner Party shirts! Especially the little sayings at the bottom of each shirt- "We eat the slow ones" and "Back for seconds" are so bad they rock!

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