Sunday, July 3, 2011

Please, stop me!

If you see me at a vendor's booth at a show, contemplating the purchase of any type of dog bed or crate pad, PLEASE STOP ME! Distract me with chocolate or a squeaky toy. Do whatever it takes. DO NOT let me buy any more crate pads!

Yesterday I cleaned and organized our spare downstairs bedroom. For all intents and purposes, this room is a large, walk-in closet that just happens to have a bed, a treadmill and some other pieces of furniture in it. It's where all the household stuff lives that doesn't have a better place to live. In a century old house with only one closet on the first floor, that's a lot of stuff.

Most of it is dog stuff.

Imagine that.

Most of the dog stuff was crate pads. I seem to have some kind of disorder when it comes to buying crate pads and apparently have been accumulating them for no apparent reason. Phoenix has outgrown his ripping-chewing-shredding days (at least as far as crate pads are concerned) but clearly that hadn't stopped me from buying replacements, just in case. I had stacks and stacks of laundered and neatly folded pads in all manner of fleece, imitation lambswool and other fabrics.

I took inventory. After making sure the Belgians' tent crates were double padded, there were good pads in the van crates and there were pads in all the metal folding crates that I don't even use any more, plus a number of spare pads on standby should an emergency crate pad situation arise, I still had a dizzying number left over.

To make it worse, I know there is a storage tote in one of the upstairs bedrooms that is packed full of sheltie-sized crate pads. When I lost Connor, I washed up all his bedding and stored it carefully away for future use.

Looks like there will be quite a few gently used 24 x 36 crate pads on the ICDOC raffle in the spring.

In the meantime, again, I beg of you, if you see me even looking at a display of dog bedding at a vendor, please, stage an intervention.


  1. hahaha isn't that funny how we all have certain dog things that we buy way tooo much of. I do have a zillion crates of diffent sizes etc but in all fairness I had 5 dogs so of course for different growing sizes they all had to have several :)) And I seem to have an obsession with dog leashes. I love them but how many leashes can you really use! As for my whole wardrobe that is dog related I have told myself I am NOT allowed to buy one more tshirt... mmm bet I don't make it...

  2. Haha, thats funny. I think crate pads are just one of those things that come in so many varieties of color, shape, fabric, and size that you just have to have one of each!

  3. LOL - at least you have taken the first step and admitted you have a problem!!

  4. I had to read this one out loud to my husband because it was frighteningly too close to the situation in our house. Just this past weekend I was at a show and had to chant to myself "step away from the dog beds"...