Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garden tour

This is a good time for a garden tour because it seems like after the 4th of July, the real heat of summer sets in and things can go down hill in a hurry. Here are some of my favorites.

This is a new annual I planted this year. It's called straw flower. As advertised, the petals feel like straw or dried paper even when they're fresh. They'd be great for dried arrangements if you were a crafty type of person. The blossoms close up at night.

I love old fashioned snapdragons. They are tough and beautiful and bloom all summer long until frost. They've been stomped on and peed on by both dogs and still look good.

Yeah, I know - petunias. Nothing fancy. But they're pretty. Everyone should have petunias, right Rilda?

Moonbeam coreopsis. This stuff is a workhorse. It falls into the "no kill 'um" category.

Another annual favorite - Alabama Sunset coleus. I plant a patio pot of it every year and it's just gorgeous. Very tropical. Very lush. Very low maintenance as long as I throw a bucket of water on it every day. Apparently it has a drinking problem.

Jack Manii clematis. This stuff definitely has no kill 'um status. The blooms are profuse even though they don't last long. They also stand up well to dog pee. Phoenix sees no reason to change his habits just because flowers take over a favorite pee spot one month out of 12.

Balloon flowers are just cool. It's fun to watch the "balloons" expand and finally burst into bloom.


  1. Ohhh I didn't know that Snapdragons here tough. We definitely have issues with stomping on plants here. ;) Might have to add some of those to the garden. Beautiful pics!

  2. I'd really like to plant some pretty flowers. Layla would like me to plant them too. Any ideas on which ones do well in a super sandy soil? I can do potting soil for a little bit but really when the plant goes to the ground, the soil is very poor. They call my part of the state the Pine Barrens because the soil makes it quite barren!

  3. Very pretty. Those petunias are almost as pretty as the "fish-tunias" that I grow. Pulled a couple up tonight from a crack in the sidewalk and stuck them in some dirt. They'll probably be blooming tomorrow. I really like all your varieties. Very pretty.

  4. Lovely! (especially the petunias)